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- I actually really liked Derek and Jennifer's samba. It's been a while since I've been a fan of Derek's (and he used to be my favorite male pro... *sigh*), but I have to admit that I found his choreography to be super cute and a lot of fun. Plus, he actually continued the story throughout the entire dance, which was nice. Of course, any points he may have won with me were totally canceled out by his obnoxious "re-doing" of part of the dance during the judges' critiques. It's a competition, you only get to do it once... let it go, Derek, and stop wasting everyone's time.

- I liked the story behind and choreography of Tony and Audrina's waltz, but I didn't feel any emotion from her, especially not in her face. I suppose it's nice enough, but I just don't find her dancing interesting. *shrugs* At the very least, I think it was definitely overscored. Two nines? Really?

- Nothing was as special as Kate's Paparazzi dance. Man, I loved that (and Jimmy Fallon's parody of it).

- The Maks/Brandy rehearsal footage made me very uncomfortable. I'm going to hope that it was just manipulated to look that way (perhaps revenge on Maks for some of his criticisms of the show's edits?), but it seemed like abuse/sexual harassment to me. And Carrie Ann was totally inappropriate during the judges' critiques, but it's Carrie Ann, so I suppose that's just par for the course.

- I didn't find Rick Fox sexy, at all, during his samba; and he shouldn't have scored as high as Jennifer and Brandy. That just doesn't make sense, IMO.

- I thought Florence's waltz was lovely.

- Totally did not get Mark and Bristol's "story" from their dancing. That was just weird, and Bristol seems to be getting worse, not better. I'll be surprised if she goes home tomorrow, though. I think her fanbase will pull her through.


So excited for Modern Family this week! Love that show so much.


Today I will take every chance to participate in life, not control it.
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