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Many things are possible if I accept the fastest way is one step at a time.
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I was going to start catching up on my friends' list while watching All My Children and One Life To Live, but OLTL is already half over and I've mostly just spent my time here:

Fandom Opinions

If you enjoy answering fandom-related questions, then please, check it out! :) (My answers are incredibly random, and, as usual, long winded, but at least I enjoyed writing them.)

Anyway, I apologize for being incredibly behind on replying/commenting, and I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend!
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"Robert Warner, you are evil in a can."

A *lot* of Anita's lines this episode have been heavy on the cheese factor, but I think that one takes the cake.

(Don't get me wrong; I actually really like Anita. I think the actress is a doll. I'm just not particularly fond of much of her dialogue sometimes.)

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Baby doll!

Jul. 15th, 2004 10:10 am
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Yay, Amber!!! I am so excited for Amber Tamblyn's Emmy nomination. How awesome is that? *g*

Anyway, I'm watching All My Children right now, and Jonathon just said to Kendall, "You're acting about five kinds of crazy right now" (I think that was the wording).

Which of course made me think of Casey's "You are about five different kinds of crazy, you know that?" to Dana on Sports Night.

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I should not go online during the time I've set aside for studying. *sigh* Of course, the fact that I'm watching this week's All My Children for the second time isn't helping my concentration, either.

Okay. Getting offline now. Will do homework, studying, etc., so that I can watch American Dreams and Alias without feeling too guilty. (Because even if I don't get any homework done, I'll end up watching them, anyway. :))

Oh! I just remembered that I taped a Soap Talk with Kaley Cuoco (Bridget from 8 Simple Rules) this morning. Yay! Something else to watch (and keep me from schoolwork, lol).
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I feel very childish in saying this, but oh, well. I just read that Margo Harshman (Tawny from Even Stevens) is reportedly dating Christopher Marquette (Adam from Joan Of Arcadia). Maybe that's old news, maybe it's not true, maybe I'm a little strange for being so interested... but does anyone know any more about that?

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I've fallen behind on reading my friends list. For once it's not due to studying, which makes me kind of happy, but I do apologize if I've missed something important or am late in getting back to someone.

Little shouts out to [livejournal.com profile] mandilyn and [livejournal.com profile] alpineavenuegrl -- hope you're both doing well. Really, I hope you all are having fabulous weeks. :D
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Although I'm watching Daria right now, I've been watching a little of the I Love Lizzie marathon. I'd forgotten how much fun some of the episodes are.

I saw half of the Tad The Cad marathon earlier today, and got a big kick out of seeing Dorothy Lyman as Opal. :)

I just learned that Alan Oppenheimer (the voice of Alistair Crane on Passions) was on Get Smart, which made me extremely excited. I also found out My So-Called Life will be coming to The N -- yay!

8 Simple Rules was awesome Tuesday, as was Scrubs.

I guess that's it for the fannish, and I don't feel like talking about real life because a Lizzie episode I've never seen is coming on, so, ta! :) Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

Edited To Add: [livejournal.com profile] rebeccastaabfan rocks!
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I forgot to watch Port Charles yesterday. *sobs* Seriously, if it's the worst thing that happens to me this week, then I'll be doing great. Still, if anyone knows when they might be reshowing the episodes from the week on SoapNet, then please let me know.

Classic General Hospital )

So, if anyone knows any good, reliable places online from which I can purchase old GH tapes, then *please* let me know. I'm particularly interested in Luke/Laura, Robin/Stone, Sonny/Brenda, or Kevin/Lucy eps. =)
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Random (long-ish) thoughts of the day…

Why I am no longer a Kendall/Aidan fan. )

My Dream O.C. Triangle )

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments. They're just my opinions (and not particularly popular ones at that).

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. =)

Also... yay Panthers! =)


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