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Jul. 15th, 2004 10:10 am
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Yay, Amber!!! I am so excited for Amber Tamblyn's Emmy nomination. How awesome is that? *g*

Anyway, I'm watching All My Children right now, and Jonathon just said to Kendall, "You're acting about five kinds of crazy right now" (I think that was the wording).

Which of course made me think of Casey's "You are about five different kinds of crazy, you know that?" to Dana on Sports Night.

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Apparently, I'm not always getting e-mail notifications about replies and comments. So if I don't get back to you on something, I am extremely sorry.

So, Jennifer Garner, Amber Tamblyn, Bonnie Hunt, and Alicia Silverstone are up for Golden Globes? As is William H. Macy? Good for them. Of course, there are plenty of deserving actors and shows that didn't get nominated, as is always the case, but I don't feel like going into that right now.

Instead, on to The O.C. =) Scattered O.C. thoughts... )

Hee! Slater just did the "Roger Rabbit" on Saved By The Bell. (Does anyone even know what step I'm talking about? I've also heard it called the "Bobby Brown". Ah, the 80's.)

Yeah, I'll shut up now.
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So, tonight's premieres...

Joan of Arcadia )

Hope And Faith )

Life With Bonnie )

I'm watching the WKRP mini-marathon on TVLand right now, dedicated to Gordon Jump.

That reminds me... rest in peace, Robert Palmer.
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Go to Google, type in "weapons of mass destruction," and then hit "I'm Feeling Lucky." Seriously. Trust me.

Btw, does it seem ironic to anyone else that an ad during GL for Joan of Arcadia (which I want to watch, btw) brags about star Amber Tamblyn's work on GH (the only soap in direct competition w/GL)?


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