Mar. 30th, 2007 11:31 pm
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Stole this meme from [ profile] americangrl69:

Shipping Meme. )
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Seriously, Jaters, if you haven't checked out [ profile] sweetbelle07's awesome Jate mega post of DOOM, then what are you waiting for? :D

Let me also take this opportunity to recommend her fic Twenty Random Facts about Jack and Kate. She's written a lot of great Jate fics, but this is just the best of the best (IMO).

Edited To Add: WTF Emily? Guess I really have missed a lot on ATWT...
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Okay, instead of going to bed like I should, I'm reading old transcripts of As The World Turns. Anyway, I came across this cute exchange between JJ and Jack:

Memory Problems. )

And then, a sweet little Jack/Julia exchange:

Last Forever. )

Here's part of a rather disturbing conversation between JJ and Jack:

Poor kid. )
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I was tagging the entries from my first month on livejournal (June 2003), and I came across this, quoting something trina1of7 wrote on Fallin:

60. What do you think about the character Lucy Coe?
She is a delusional judgmental self-righteous hypocritical skank.

I called it "priceless." *glances at header* Clearly written before I fell back in love with Lucy Coe, huh? ;)

Edited To Add: I just came across a list of my current top ten soap couples. #4 was Jack & Carly (ATWT), and #6 was Katie & Mike (ATWT). I despise those two couples now (with an especially passionate hatred for Jack & Carly). My, how things change.
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A couple of Three fannish things:

1. I'm SO excited that Kin Shriner's back on As The World Turns. I've really been enjoying the show in general, but I'm also totally into Kin right now, so... YAY!!!

2. Paul's line to Emily today, "I like like you, even"?!? Who are you, Sam Thomas? ;)

3. Darn it, Josh, stop breaking my heart right now on Guiding Light!
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I'm really enjoying Paul and Rosanna (aka Todd and Dixie!) on As The World Turns. I think they have a lot of chemistry, and as good as Roger Howarth is, I'm just not interested in him when he's in scenes with anyone else. Besides, I think he has chemistry with his onscreen sister Jennifer, and that creeps me out.

Michael Easton is incredibly sexy. I'm so excited that he, Matthew Ashford, and Heather Tom are all on One Life To Live now. I have to start back watching that one, too. =)

Did anyone else hear that JTT was going to be on 8 Simple Rules? Weird. *g*

Yeah, this was a pointless post.

Here's something remotely interesting: Vote for the best new television drama series for the People's Choice Awards here. If you have no opinion, may I suggest Joan of Arcadia or The O.C.? (The third choice is Cold Case, which I've never seen.)
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Lizzie: "Ooh, she's such a total hypocrite, which she will never admit."
Gordo: "Well, you can't really admit to being a hypocrite, because, well, then, you're not a hypocrite."
Lizzie: "Gordo, what goes on in your head? Is it just like one continuous game show?"

I actually watched parts of yesterday's and today's ATWT this evening. I've gotten really slack about keeping up with my soaps, but I do love the whole murder mystery plotline. Oh, and also Mike and Katie. They're just too adorable together. *g*

Other than that, my week has been... hectic, and pretty stressful, at times. All in all, though, much better than last week, thank the Lord. He truly has granted my family a number of blessings over the past few weeks.

Okay, enough of somewhat serious stuff for now. Results of a quiz snagged from [ profile] hitwoman, I think, and one snagged from [ profile] kitty231.

Check here )

I probably shouldn't have found that first quiz amusing, because I had a bad AIM incident in the past. *sighs* I know I'm a hypocrite, because while I can be a huge drama queen when I want to be, other people's dramatic moments tend to get on my nerves.

Mmmmm, I think that's about it, for now. Hope everyone's having a wonderful night. :)
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Okay, I haven't been on in a while, so I'm not really sure where to start. There are some not-so-great things going on in my life right now, but I'm not ready to write about it yet. (Not that anyone's reading this, but at times I'm not very comfortable about opening up.) So, I suppose I'll just mention some other stuff.

I went out of town this past weekend, which was fun, although I wish some of my other friends could have come. After crashing at the hotel Saturday night, we caught some of I Love The 80's. It's beyond me why I haven't watched more of it before now. My favorite part, I think, was seeing clips from Married With Children, all the way back from 1987.

Speaking of television, maybe it's just me, but there's been a lot of slashiness going on lately. Of course, that's mostly because last night I watched Sports Night, home of slashy goodness. ;) Then again, Jack and Craig almost slept together on ATWT today (in a sleeping bag in front of Jack's soon-to-be little stepson, mind you), but they just don't have the chemistry of Dan and Casey. ;) Actually, I don't really care much for the slash (honest!), but every now and then you can't help but notice the subtext. Any other slashy non- couples that just jump off the screen at anyone?
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I was thinking last night about how I've never actually introduced myself. There's always the off chance that someone will just happen to surf onto my lj (weird thought, I know). Well, instead of giving you (whoever you may be) a long, boring introduction (which I'll probably do in the future, anyway), I decided to write a few top ten/five lists of my favorite television/media-related things. Just to give you a taste of my interests. Also, because I love doing that kind of thing.

Top Five Lizzie McGuire Couples )

Top Ten AtS/BtVS Couples )

Top Ten Current Soap Couples )

Top Ten Tori Amos Songs )


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