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DWTS Season 11 Week 4 )

If I let myself down by slipping back into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.
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DWTS Season 11 Week 3. )


So excited for Modern Family this week! Love that show so much.


Today I will take every chance to participate in life, not control it.
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Quick thoughts about tonight's DWTS, because I am too tired for much more than that.

Season 11, Week 1. )
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Quick post for potential DWTS spoiler.

Please may it not be a spoiler... )
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DWTS Season 10 Semi-Finals )

Remaining optimistic will help me experience joy.
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DWTS Season 10 Week 8. )

If I let myself down by slipping back into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.
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DWTS Season 10, Week 7. )

I give myself permission to begin again with whatever I am trying to learn.
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DWTS: Season 10, Week 5. )

In other news, I had a lovely day today, so that's always good!

I will not allow the fear of "what if" to ruin the joy of "what is".
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DWTS: Season 10, Week 4 Results. )

Many things are possible if I accept the fastest way is one step at a time.
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DWTS Thoughts: Season 10, Week 4. )

Where ever I am I will do my best and that is all I will ever expect of myself.
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DWTS Thoughts. Season 10, Week 3. )

This is going to be hard for me, voting-wise, as apparently there are only 2 couples for which I have NO desire to vote!
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Quick DWTS Season 10 Week 2 Thoughts )

I am not afraid of making mistakes.
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DWTS. Yeah. )


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Is it just me, or are Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough totally cute?

ETA: Jason Priestly is 37, Luke Perry is 41, and Ian Ziering will be 43 on Friday. I feel totally old.

Also, Disturbia, the new thriller with Shia LaBeouf, looks pretty good. At least, the commercial makes me want to watch it.


Nov. 14th, 2006 07:51 pm
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I. HATE. Jack and Sharon. (Separately. As a couple, they don't really get much of a reaction out of me either way.)

I'm sad about Dancing With The Stars tonight... I don't want the season to end! At least I'll have more time on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, lol. Especially without Lost... unless I start back watching One Tree Hill, that is.
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How awesome was football this weekend? Of course I'm talking about the Steelers and the Panthers. First time this season that both of my teams have won. Not to mention that the Steelers really needed this game. Ooh, and I just heard that Julius Peppers leads the league in sacks. :)

I'm excited about tonight's Heroes, Wednesday's Lost, and tomorrow's Dancing With The Stars -- when it comes to the winner, I would be perfectly fine with every single person left.

I hope this isn't too spoilerish for today's Y&R, but I thought Bryton (Devon) gave an awesome performance. I've been a fan of his since back in the day on Family Matters, and I was excited about him being on Y&R from the first moment I heard he was joining the cast; so I'm thrilled that he's proving me right, lol.


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