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It's not Thanksgiving without "We Gather Together" on General Hospital.
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I'm watching Days right now because I love Steve's storyline.

I found some good General Hospital clips from the early 90s on YouTube -- Jagger/Karen/Jason/Robin stuff. Very awesome.

I was going to write about Lost, but twice now I've deleted my comments. So I'll just say that I love Desmond and Penny (together and apart), and that I've actually enjoyed the past two episodes all the way through. As in, I was glued to the screen from start to finish. This hasn't happened since season one, so, yay. I don't think it'll happen this Wednesday, but at least this season has had two good episodes.

Finally, on a random (and happy) note, I watched Bye Bye Birdie last night. I heart that movie. Kim, Ursula, Hugo, and Conrad are hilarious.

Kin & Lynn

Feb. 1st, 2007 07:28 pm
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Part of Kin Shriner's SOD interview:

SOD: Who have you kept in touch with?

KS: I couldn't help myself-on my first day back, I called Lynn Herring and I said, "Guess where I'm standing? I'm in the Port Charles breezeway [between GH and where spin-off PC used to tape], and if I close my eyes, I can see the seven interns and you all milling around."


For those of you not in the know when it comes to a couple of my all-time favorite actors, pictures of Kin Shriner and Lynn Herring are at the top of my journal (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marcal_92) and in my icon (thanks to Liz). =)
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Have you guys heard about the GH Boycott? (You have to scroll down a little bit before you get to it.) Just thought that was interesting.

Btw, watching your two favorite football teams play? Is not as fun or easy as it sounds. *sighs*
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Okay, I know, I suck with all the spam, but...

Best. Thing. Ever.

(Well, at least if you're a fan of Lost and Buffy and have my sense of humor.)

I think that even tops watching the video for "The Big Picture" by Y Kant Tori Read.

No, wait, never mind. This little number from the Nurses Ball on General Hospital takes the cake.
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Aw, Lily/Daniel montage to one of my favorite Alicia Keys songs.

Oh, and I'm really glad that I'm not watching General Hospital anymore. (Except that I did want Elizabeth and Jason together back in the day... just not like this. Meh.)
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GH Casting Spoiler. )
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I know that I need to go to bed, because I have a lot to do over the next few days... but I'd much rather stay up, listen to Tori's awesome covers of "Like A Prayer" and "Father Figure" over and over, and read Lucy & Kevin transcripts. Except that I just read a sad one, and now I feel like crying. (Wow, I'm emotional tonight. I really do need to get to bed.)

Oh! This is better, what Kevin told Tony after Tony described Lucy back in 1995:

I love Kevin. )
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Thursday’s GH )

Thursday’s OLTL (and Ellen, too) )

I'm behind on reading/replying -- sorry! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. :)
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About GH (written a couple of days ago). )
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1. Spread the word -- March 31 is Icon Makers Appreciation Day. [livejournal.com profile] lavellebelle proposed this today, and I think it's a great idea. As she put it... )

2. This morning I saw, for the first time, the episode of Roseanne guest-starring Genie Francis and Anthony Geary as Luke and Laura. =) I'd been wanting to see it for months, if not years, so I was really... jazzed, as a girl I once knew used to say. :) Anyway, it's being shown again at 11 tonight on Nick, too.
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Wow, I really like Carly and Lorenzo. Georgie and Dillon are so cute, too.

I have the nagging feeling that I've offended someone online. If I have, and you're reading this, then I'm really, really sorry.

Now, because I've made some new friends lately and I'd like to get to know everyone a tiny bit better...

[Poll #230804]
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The O.C.!!! (Includes spoilers for the ep that aired 1/7 in the U.S.) )

I'm becoming addicted to General Hospital spoilers. Which is odd, considering I rarely watch the show these days. Strange.

[livejournal.com profile] crazyjay mentioned the other day in her lj about what a great job Martin Spanjers has been doing on 8 Simple Rules, and I agree. He's had more of a chance to shine this year, and I think he's been excellent at both the drama and the comedy. I wonder if he felt embarrased doing this last ep, though. ;)

Oh, and I'm feeling better than I did earlier today. =)
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I forgot to watch Port Charles yesterday. *sobs* Seriously, if it's the worst thing that happens to me this week, then I'll be doing great. Still, if anyone knows when they might be reshowing the episodes from the week on SoapNet, then please let me know.

Classic General Hospital )

So, if anyone knows any good, reliable places online from which I can purchase old GH tapes, then *please* let me know. I'm particularly interested in Luke/Laura, Robin/Stone, Sonny/Brenda, or Kevin/Lucy eps. =)
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Soaps/Port Charles Survey )

Good luck to everyone who needs it, for various reasons. I hope those who are under the weather (again, for whatever reason) feel much better soon, too.
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Over at the Fallin board, Kelly Monaco has two different characters up for Couple Of The Week -- Samantha (with Jax) from GH, and Livvie (with Caleb) from PC. As a fan of Kelly Monaco, I just thought that was pretty cool. :) I'm deciding between voting for Caleb and Livvie or Rafe and Alison, since it'll be the last chance I have to vote for either of them.
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Threesome Fun... )

Also, the issue of Entertainment Weekly that came in the mail today was awesome! Not only was Clay Aiken on the cover (yay!), but guess who else was listed as a guilty pleasure?

Luke Spencer of General Hospital!

I still think that's a bit random, but who cares? I'm still tickled at the early L&L days pic (you know, with the curly 'do) of Anthony Geary.

Also, I had to laugh at the mention of Two Of A Kind, the Olsen twins' sitcom that used to rerun (still does, maybe?) on ABC Family. I used to watch it, as did one of my college roommates, don't ask me why. I love mindless, kid-friendly shows!
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I went shopping with my mom yesterday for my father's birthday present (Homicide DVDs). Before we left the store I made her stop so that I could check out the Sports Night DVD set. I picked up, examined the box, and just about started drooling. I just about bought it right then and there, despite the fact that I *so* don't have the money to do that right now.

I read Max's interview last week with Brian Gaskill (Rafe, PC; soon-to-be Scar(?!?), B&B) online (this link may or may not work), and I've been thinking about some of Gaskill's comments since then. Click here to read my long, rambling thoughts on soulmates and television characters. )

Well, I've successfully put off talking about my real life yet again. I'm moving back into the dorms tomorrow, so hopefully that'll go okay. One last thing: Guiding Light was good today, better than it's been in a while. So, yay. :)

Edited to add that the link goes to a Cameron Mathison interview. Sorry!
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Which Spike Am I? )

My dad just saw Beyonce on TV and thought she was Jewel. I love my often clueless dad. :)

Oh, and guess what I watched this weekend? General Hospital, nearly all the way through. For the first time in many, many months. Plus Growing Pains, which was *really* good. As in, I'm surprised at how into the episodes (a two-parter) I became. Which was cool, too, because it was on ABCFamily so I got to see an add for See Jane Date. Yay, Charisma!

Oh, and a Happy Days with Linda Purl! Not from Season 10 (when she played Ashley, Fonzie's love interest -- I love that couple!), but from Season 2, when she played an entirely different character. Who dated Richie. Plus, looked really cute in today's ep in her Halloween costume. Ah, I love Happy Days.

Wow, I must be in a good mood. I probably should apologize for this babbling, but I'm not. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm sorry. I'm just giddy. For no reason. Which is the best reason. :)


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