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If anyone cares, Laverne & Shirley starts this week on Lifetime. I adore the show, so I'm thrilled. =)

Jason Ritter on Wayne Brady! )

In my dream last night, I was watching a performance for charity of some musical, with celebrities cast in bit roles. Such stars included Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, and David Anders. The main thing that stuck out in my mind, however, was that Anders had very long hair, and boy, did that work for him. Not that he wasn't hot, say, last night on the show, but in the dream? *sigh*
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Found this article online about Ms. Duff, because, darn it, I'm still obsessed with Lizzie McGuire continuing (or, at least, seeing Adam Lamberg's Gordo again, b/c let's face it, there is no LM without AL):


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Interesting (at least, I thought so) Hilary Duff article. Because, as I've said before, I'm way too into the Lizzie McGuire show and related news.

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Top Ten Rising Stars -- Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, and Shia LeBeouf all made the list. :) (Link stolen from The Digital Bean). If you check June's list, Jennifer Garner got #1 for Top Ten Gutsy Gals. Yay! Tiffani Thiessen made the list, too, which is cool, but I don't think I'll ever not think of her as Kelly Kapowski.

As long as we're on the subject, I saw the best episode of Kim Possible last night. (AJ was one of the voices! ;)) I really like that show when Kim's not acting too much like, say, Buffy. (Anyone else think Bonnie and Ron are going to have a love-hate thing going on sometime down the road, a la Cordy/Xander?)
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Okay, so apparently my professor thought I was going to start working tomorrow. Oops. :\ Anyway, I'll be meeting with him this afternoon. I hope it works out...

Oh, and as for Hilary's new song? My first reaction was, "It's not that bad," which is probably not the reaction she was going for. Oh, well.
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Michelle Branch trashing Hilary (well, not really)

Also, fun Port Charles survey, even if it's a bit long. Check out trina1of7's answer for the last question:

60. What do you think about the character Lucy Coe?
She is a delusional judgmental self-righteous hypocritical skank.

Priceless! :)
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Disney and Duff May Make Up

No matter the outcome, I hope Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, and the rest of the cast have very successful, enjoyable careers. That being said, it would be awfully nice to see what happens next in the Lizzie/Gordo saga...


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