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Yay Panthers! :D Although, is it wrong that every time anyone mentions Na'il Diggs, I think of Mr. Dig from Lizzie McGuire?

On an unrelated note, happy birthday, Penny Marshall. :)
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"Robert Warner, you are evil in a can."

A *lot* of Anita's lines this episode have been heavy on the cheese factor, but I think that one takes the cake.

(Don't get me wrong; I actually really like Anita. I think the actress is a doll. I'm just not particularly fond of much of her dialogue sometimes.)

TV Meme. )
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My computer froze right before I was going to post my last entry, so now the results to the quizzes I took (from [livejournal.com profile] lavellebelle and [livejournal.com profile] dancinglauren) are lost forever. (Okay, they're not really lost, but I'm too lazy to take them again. :))

I want to post about something, though, if only to show off my adorable new icon by [livejournal.com profile] topazangel.

Anyway, I'm watching "Magic Train (aka Lizzie and Miranda's Magic Train)", and... (cut for spoilers) )

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great night! :)
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Although I'm watching Daria right now, I've been watching a little of the I Love Lizzie marathon. I'd forgotten how much fun some of the episodes are.

I saw half of the Tad The Cad marathon earlier today, and got a big kick out of seeing Dorothy Lyman as Opal. :)

I just learned that Alan Oppenheimer (the voice of Alistair Crane on Passions) was on Get Smart, which made me extremely excited. I also found out My So-Called Life will be coming to The N -- yay!

8 Simple Rules was awesome Tuesday, as was Scrubs.

I guess that's it for the fannish, and I don't feel like talking about real life because a Lizzie episode I've never seen is coming on, so, ta! :) Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

Edited To Add: [livejournal.com profile] rebeccastaabfan rocks!
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I'm very behind on reading everyone's journals, comments, etc., so maybe you guys have all already seen this, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

Guess The Sit-Com Character!

I've only tried it once, but they nailed Dana from Sports Night. *g*

Edited to add: They did think Miranda from Lizzie McGuire was Lizzie, though. Of course, that was probably my mistake.
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Lizzie McGuire/Even Stevens Quiz Results )
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I'm not sure if this link will work, but I'll give it a try. :)

Frequently Asked Questions at the Digital Bean Smoothie.

I liked the singing-into-the-hairbrush scene, though. :)
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80s Survey )

Found this article online about Ms. Duff, because, darn it, I'm still obsessed with Lizzie McGuire continuing (or, at least, seeing Adam Lamberg's Gordo again, b/c let's face it, there is no LM without AL):


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Lizzie: "Ooh, she's such a total hypocrite, which she will never admit."
Gordo: "Well, you can't really admit to being a hypocrite, because, well, then, you're not a hypocrite."
Lizzie: "Gordo, what goes on in your head? Is it just like one continuous game show?"

I actually watched parts of yesterday's and today's ATWT this evening. I've gotten really slack about keeping up with my soaps, but I do love the whole murder mystery plotline. Oh, and also Mike and Katie. They're just too adorable together. *g*

Other than that, my week has been... hectic, and pretty stressful, at times. All in all, though, much better than last week, thank the Lord. He truly has granted my family a number of blessings over the past few weeks.

Okay, enough of somewhat serious stuff for now. Results of a quiz snagged from [livejournal.com profile] hitwoman, I think, and one snagged from [livejournal.com profile] kitty231.

Check here )

I probably shouldn't have found that first quiz amusing, because I had a bad AIM incident in the past. *sighs* I know I'm a hypocrite, because while I can be a huge drama queen when I want to be, other people's dramatic moments tend to get on my nerves.

Mmmmm, I think that's about it, for now. Hope everyone's having a wonderful night. :)
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Interesting (at least, I thought so) Hilary Duff article. Because, as I've said before, I'm way too into the Lizzie McGuire show and related news.

Edited to add: Quiz Result )
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It's )

Snagged from The Digital Bean.
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I was thinking last night about how I've never actually introduced myself. There's always the off chance that someone will just happen to surf onto my lj (weird thought, I know). Well, instead of giving you (whoever you may be) a long, boring introduction (which I'll probably do in the future, anyway), I decided to write a few top ten/five lists of my favorite television/media-related things. Just to give you a taste of my interests. Also, because I love doing that kind of thing.

Top Five Lizzie McGuire Couples )

Top Ten AtS/BtVS Couples )

Top Ten Current Soap Couples )

Top Ten Tori Amos Songs )
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Interesting article mentioned at The Digital Bean.
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Disney and Duff May Make Up

No matter the outcome, I hope Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, and the rest of the cast have very successful, enjoyable careers. That being said, it would be awfully nice to see what happens next in the Lizzie/Gordo saga...
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Lizzie McGuire Episode Survivor!


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