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So I'm watching the pilot episode of My So-Called Life right now, and wow.

A tiny bit of gushing and some quotes. )
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"Robert Warner, you are evil in a can."

A *lot* of Anita's lines this episode have been heavy on the cheese factor, but I think that one takes the cake.

(Don't get me wrong; I actually really like Anita. I think the actress is a doll. I'm just not particularly fond of much of her dialogue sometimes.)

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It's 4:19 4:34 in the morning, and I would like to get up this morning at 10:15-ish, so I really should go to bed. Yet, oddly enough, I'm not tired. Thus, I'm online, writing a pointless journal entry and watching "Life of Brian," the My So-Called Life ep where Brian has two dates to the dance(!), even though I just watched it recently. (Btw, Brian was such a jerk in this episode! It made me think So. Much. Less of him.)

I took a neat quiz by [livejournal.com profile] tornado88o earlier that told me I was Mary Anne from the Baby-Sitters Club, but I got kicked offline about when I went to post a journal entry containing the results.

That is all.
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Although I'm watching Daria right now, I've been watching a little of the I Love Lizzie marathon. I'd forgotten how much fun some of the episodes are.

I saw half of the Tad The Cad marathon earlier today, and got a big kick out of seeing Dorothy Lyman as Opal. :)

I just learned that Alan Oppenheimer (the voice of Alistair Crane on Passions) was on Get Smart, which made me extremely excited. I also found out My So-Called Life will be coming to The N -- yay!

8 Simple Rules was awesome Tuesday, as was Scrubs.

I guess that's it for the fannish, and I don't feel like talking about real life because a Lizzie episode I've never seen is coming on, so, ta! :) Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

Edited To Add: [livejournal.com profile] rebeccastaabfan rocks!
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Here's a link to how a handful of Port Charles cast members wanted the show to end, thanks to the always interesting [livejournal.com profile] rebeccastaabfan. I liked Erin Hershey Presley's comment the most. More here... )

Now, because you all know how much I look like Halle Barry:

Something Silly )

I watched (and loved) Joan of Arcadia, Hope & Faith, and Life With Bonnie last night. More television ramblings... )

Well, I'm off to read a little fan fic and then (eventually) get started on my homework. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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