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I was going to start catching up on my friends' list while watching All My Children and One Life To Live, but OLTL is already half over and I've mostly just spent my time here:

Fandom Opinions

If you enjoy answering fandom-related questions, then please, check it out! :) (My answers are incredibly random, and, as usual, long winded, but at least I enjoyed writing them.)

Anyway, I apologize for being incredibly behind on replying/commenting, and I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend!
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I read an excellent column this morning at Soaptown USA, "What Happened To The Fans?". I think it's a good read for all One Life To Live fans, as well as (maybe) anyone who's interested in the negative vs. positive attitudes of fandoms.

The column inspired me not only to write the author, but also OLTL, Soap Opera Digest, and, um, Michael Easton. I haven’t sent all of them yet -- I may not get around to it, knowing me -- but I hope I do. If I were an actor/writer/producer/whatever at a television show, I think I’d love to get positive feedback from fans.

(Um, yeah. Speaking of OLTL, I’m loving John and Evangeline together.)
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Thursday’s GH )

Thursday’s OLTL (and Ellen, too) )

I'm behind on reading/replying -- sorry! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. :)
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I feel very childish in saying this, but oh, well. I just read that Margo Harshman (Tawny from Even Stevens) is reportedly dating Christopher Marquette (Adam from Joan Of Arcadia). Maybe that's old news, maybe it's not true, maybe I'm a little strange for being so interested... but does anyone know any more about that?

AMC Quiz Results )

I've fallen behind on reading my friends list. For once it's not due to studying, which makes me kind of happy, but I do apologize if I've missed something important or am late in getting back to someone.

Little shouts out to [livejournal.com profile] mandilyn and [livejournal.com profile] alpineavenuegrl -- hope you're both doing well. Really, I hope you all are having fabulous weeks. :D
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Could Michael Easton be any sexier? I didn't think anything could top his portrayal of Caleb on Port Charles, but on One Life To Live? *swoons*

(Okay, okay, I know that not all of you feel that way, but I certainly do. ;))

I was pretty whiny in my last post, and I apologize. I need to stop writing entries at 4 in the morning. :)

Anyway... off to grade papers, have a Tab, and listen to Tori.
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Soaps/Port Charles Survey )

Good luck to everyone who needs it, for various reasons. I hope those who are under the weather (again, for whatever reason) feel much better soon, too.
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I'm really enjoying Paul and Rosanna (aka Todd and Dixie!) on As The World Turns. I think they have a lot of chemistry, and as good as Roger Howarth is, I'm just not interested in him when he's in scenes with anyone else. Besides, I think he has chemistry with his onscreen sister Jennifer, and that creeps me out.

Michael Easton is incredibly sexy. I'm so excited that he, Matthew Ashford, and Heather Tom are all on One Life To Live now. I have to start back watching that one, too. =)

Did anyone else hear that JTT was going to be on 8 Simple Rules? Weird. *g*

Yeah, this was a pointless post.

Here's something remotely interesting: Vote for the best new television drama series for the People's Choice Awards here. If you have no opinion, may I suggest Joan of Arcadia or The O.C.? (The third choice is Cold Case, which I've never seen.)


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