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Okay, I know, I suck with all the spam, but...

Best. Thing. Ever.

(Well, at least if you're a fan of Lost and Buffy and have my sense of humor.)

I think that even tops watching the video for "The Big Picture" by Y Kant Tori Read.

No, wait, never mind. This little number from the Nurses Ball on General Hospital takes the cake.
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"Sleeps With Butterflies" by Tori Amos was just played on Guiding Light!!! (Yes, I get way too excited when Tori songs are on shows I love... or, in this particular case, shows I currently can't stand but just happen to be watching anyway.)
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I know that I need to go to bed, because I have a lot to do over the next few days... but I'd much rather stay up, listen to Tori's awesome covers of "Like A Prayer" and "Father Figure" over and over, and read Lucy & Kevin transcripts. Except that I just read a sad one, and now I feel like crying. (Wow, I'm emotional tonight. I really do need to get to bed.)

Oh! This is better, what Kevin told Tony after Tony described Lucy back in 1995:

I love Kevin. )
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Taken from multiple people...Username, etc. Meme )

I need to get to bed -- I have lots of studying ahead of me this weekend, and I'm quite exhausted -- but I think I'm going to stay up a bit longer and read A Wrinkle In Time, which I checked out of the library a couple of days ago. (I'm enjoying it so much!)
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Okay, I love the 90's music station. They just played Alanis' "Head Over Feet," followed by "Good" by Better Than Ezra and "Masterpiece" by Atlantic Starr, and now they're on to "Your Woman" by White Town. This is my music! (Well, that, and Tori and swing and showtunes and oldies and 80s... ;))
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Could Michael Easton be any sexier? I didn't think anything could top his portrayal of Caleb on Port Charles, but on One Life To Live? *swoons*

(Okay, okay, I know that not all of you feel that way, but I certainly do. ;))

I was pretty whiny in my last post, and I apologize. I need to stop writing entries at 4 in the morning. :)

Anyway... off to grade papers, have a Tab, and listen to Tori.
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I gave in. I starting reading a few friends' journals and just wasted about half an hour. Well, not really wasted, because I love reading what everyone has to say. I just need to get to work so that I can quit at 8 and watch my Friday night line-up (Joan of Arcadia, Hope & Faith, Life With Bonnie). (I have to have a chance to unwind, right? :))

Anyway... I am a very, very, very lucky girl. A deadline I thought was last Wednesday was actually... well, it'll be the Monday after Thanksgiving now (thanks be to God!). Which gives me so much more time to work on it. So, any prayers or positive thoughts that were sent my way are greatly appreciated.

Basically, while some things are going even worse (in terms of schoolwork), some is going much better. I definitely have reason to be thankful. (Which is convenient, considering Thanksgiving is next week... wow, I'm such a dork. I'm going to shut up now.)

Actually, one more thing. I finally had a chance to listen to Tales Of A Librarian... )

Anyway, who knows when I'll be back on (it all depends on how focused I am), so if I'm not on for a while, I hope everyone is doing extremely well. Have a safe and relaxing weekend!
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Go here to download my new favorite song. (You'll have to scroll down a little bit to get to Cool On Your Island). Then go here to read the lyrics.

(Okay, obviously, you don't have to do that. I highly recommend it, though. :))

I have such a sick feeling of dread in my stomach. I hate feeling this way...
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Because I can:

[Poll #190667]

Also... Tori Quiz! )
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Pulled out Tori Amos' Boys For Pele today. I had forgotten just how awesome some of the first songs on the CD, like Blood Roses, were. Plus, I listened to this CD over and over one summer, so it brings back good memories. :)

8 Simple Rules )

I had all these other things I was going to say in this entry that were at least somewhat interesting, but I seem to have forgotten them all. Um... yeah, I got nothing. *g*

Oh, and I just heard from [livejournal.com profile] crazyjay that Gordon Jump (of WKRP fame) passed away. Rest in peace, Gordon.


Sep. 20th, 2003 10:43 am
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Quizzes... er, quiz... )

The Friday Five )

In other news...

My Soap DVD/Michael Easton book came yesterday. Yay! I didn't have access to our DVD player yesterday, but I'm so watching it tonight. I really like Michael's book, though. I mean, in one of his poems he made a reference to my all-time favorite show, Get Smart. How cool is that? *g*

I'm still behind on replying to some people's journals (and to the comments on my own), so I apologize for that. Unfortunately I've got to get offline in a few minutes, seeing as I'm extremely behind on schoolwork. *sigh*
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They were playing "Strange Little Girls" (by Tori Amos, of course) on the VH1 special about television finales! :) Plus, some of the commentary was from Matt Roush (awesome guy!), Jay Sandrich (who's worked on so much stuff), Jack Wagner (Nick on B&B and Frisco on GH), and Charles Pratt (GH head honcho, along with Guza -- not my favorite people in the television industry).
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It's )

Snagged from The Digital Bean.
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I was thinking last night about how I've never actually introduced myself. There's always the off chance that someone will just happen to surf onto my lj (weird thought, I know). Well, instead of giving you (whoever you may be) a long, boring introduction (which I'll probably do in the future, anyway), I decided to write a few top ten/five lists of my favorite television/media-related things. Just to give you a taste of my interests. Also, because I love doing that kind of thing.

Top Five Lizzie McGuire Couples )

Top Ten AtS/BtVS Couples )

Top Ten Current Soap Couples )

Top Ten Tori Amos Songs )
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So, I was at Here In My Head, looking at old poll results, when I saw one asking for everyone's favorite Tori Amos album. Here are the results:

36% Boys For Pele (56 votes)
25% From The Choirgirl Hotel (38 votes)
17% Little Earthquakes (26 votes)
17% Under The Pink (26 votes)
4% To Venus And Back. Live Still Orbiting (6 votes)
2% To Venus And Back. Orbiting (3 votes)

I thought it was interesting that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed TVAB Live Still Orbiting more than just plain Orbiting. Here's how I would rank those albums:

1. Little Earthquakes
2. Boys For Pele
3. From The Choirgirl Hotel
4. To Venus And Back, Live Still Orbiting
5. To Venus And Back, Orbiting
6. Under The Pink

Of course, that list will probably be different a week from now. :)


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