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Yes!  I just saw my first Christmas commercial of the season!

My sister had already told me she'd seen one, but this was the first for me. :)

So excited!  The holidays and commercials are two of my favorite things. :)

I just wish I still had my Christmas icons to use.  Oh, well.
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It's not Thanksgiving without "We Gather Together" on General Hospital.
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My journal is pretty much friends only these days.  Interested?  Just leave a comment here and then add me. The only reasons I wouldn't add you back would be if I know you in "real" life (as I try to keep the two worlds separate) or if your entries make me cry (in a bad way).  Otherwise, welcome! :)

Things you should know about me?

I'm kind of obsessed with Disney (particularly the parks) and the Carolina Panthers.  I also LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers and have a number of favorite TV shows/movies/books/musicals/singers, many of which can be found on my profile.

I care about U.S. politics, and voting has always been important to me.  I support Hillary Clinton all the way!

I want to be a good person and a good Christian, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do that. :)
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Happy Endings, with spoilers for 'The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother' )
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] xtremeroswellia at Introduction.
Welcome to [livejournal.com profile] help_superrobyn!

This community was created on June 16, 2011, to raise funds to assist [livejournal.com profile] super_robyn's upcoming trip to New York City. For those of you who don't know her, [livejournal.com profile] super_robyn just turned 23, and has been battling osteosarcoma since she was diagnosed in 2007. She has been receiving chemotherapy for four years, as well as experimental cancer trials, and has had limb-salvage surgery on her left shoulder. The cancer spread to both lungs. After multiple surgeries over the years to remove the cancerous spots, her doctors decided the best option was to remove her right lung entirely, which was done in December of this 2010.

Five months later, doctors discovered that the cancer has now spread to her remaining lung. Her oncologist informed her that they are nearing the end of treatment options, and that the goal now is to keep her as pain-free for as long as possible.

One of the things that Robyn has always wanted to do is to go to New York City, and she and her sister are planning a trip at the end of July. The goal of this community is to help pay for that trip, much like the Make a Wish Foundation (which Robyn doesn't qualify for since she is over 18), but similar to the methods of [livejournal.com profile] help_japan and [livejournal.com profile] helpthesouth auctions.

Your mods are: [livejournal.com profile] xtremeroswellia, [livejournal.com profile] vval, [livejournal.com profile] speedstergrl5 and [livejournal.com profile] muses_circle.

Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you know Robyn, or just want to leave her some encouragement! :)

If you have questions about the community in general, please ask them here.

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DWTS Season 11 Week 4 )

If I let myself down by slipping back into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.
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DWTS Season 11 Week 3. )


So excited for Modern Family this week! Love that show so much.


Today I will take every chance to participate in life, not control it.
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It Gets Better Project.

I hope the project is able to reach a lot of people in a positive way.
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Quick thoughts about tonight's DWTS, because I am too tired for much more than that.

Season 11, Week 1. )
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Quick post for potential DWTS spoiler.

Please may it not be a spoiler... )
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AI Results. )
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DWTS Season 10 Semi-Finals )

Remaining optimistic will help me experience joy.
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DWTS Season 10 Week 8. )

If I let myself down by slipping back into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.
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DWTS Season 10, Week 7. )

I give myself permission to begin again with whatever I am trying to learn.
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DWTS: Season 10, Week 5. )

In other news, I had a lovely day today, so that's always good!

I will not allow the fear of "what if" to ruin the joy of "what is".
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DWTS: Season 10, Week 4 Results. )

Many things are possible if I accept the fastest way is one step at a time.
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DWTS Thoughts: Season 10, Week 4. )

Where ever I am I will do my best and that is all I will ever expect of myself.
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DWTS Thoughts. Season 10, Week 3. )

This is going to be hard for me, voting-wise, as apparently there are only 2 couples for which I have NO desire to vote!


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